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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 17, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman. if you love great individual vi the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." noose one small town are usually pretty chill, but this one not so happy. the woman who told him to get your big paws off me. a couple's violent argument spills into a store where -- >> all of these people spring into action. >> the moment one guy knows he's going down. a paraglider spots something in the water below. >> oh, snap, a big old turtle. >> no. >> what it's like to be
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surrounded by danger. plus, the monday buzzword for your shot at an ipad mini. and you're about to witness a prank go down in flames. >> now the girl's in on it. >> but see what her boyfriend did that gives this one nasty twist. >> uh-oh. oh! i'm calling these set of videos animals and allies because somebody or something gets scathed in these. watch this. this woman walking by the moose in british columbia. authorities have been alerted about this moose. this one, not happy. watch what he does to this woman who walks by. follows her, stalks her, kicked her. >> like a karate kick. >> almost human-like the way it followed her and used one hoof. the person posted the video concerned at the moose started following the woman. >> she had minor injuries, but once posted the video people got concerned authorities would put this moose down but say the
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moose will not be put down. they are paying attention to it because they did notice it has a growth on one of its legs and it's blooding. >> he stalked the lady and she didn't notice, like it's a moose, it's a giant animal, and she had no clue. like he was an assassin. >> authorities say this happened because the moose was between a car and a house and when the woman walked by it felt like it was cornered, get oust my space. from canada to west virginia. ken muss grove had his grown up in the air, his dog is walking around. as they say, throw a dog a bone, he decided to throw the dog a drone. and watch what happens. >> oh! >> that is sad. he said the dog and the drone were unscathed although the dog felt that because we heard the yelp. the dog's out running around, it fine. >> next time he turns the drone on, the dog's going to hit the deck, find cover.
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>> this one's going to upset you guys, it's going to make you rage i can tell you that, but it's going to make you feel good about other people in the world. yeah. this is surveillance video from east bakersfield, california, flowers street market. behind the store, 21-year-old aden jose cruz and his girlfriend. what's he doing? punching this girl. >> run away, run away. >> this weird sort of embrace, hug, now they're like in love, right? watch, clearly in the beginning, he's punching her in the face. >> disgusting to see. >> it's about to get worse. she's down on the ground for a little bit, looks like nursing her wounds. she walks away, heads to the front of the store. he follows on his little bmx pedal bike. she walkans side the store, he follows after her. she walks over to this part of the store. they start fighting again. but get in the weird embrace again. watch right here. there's like one punch, she tries to hit him, he full-on
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starts swinging at her, trying to punch her in the head. some sort of just wildly dysfunctional relationship. >> dirtbag. i hope these guys pile on him, come on. >> here comes the good part. employees and customers take mattered into their own hands. >> i'm not going to stand here and let a young lady get physically assaulted. >> grabbed this guy, hold him down on the ground, don't let him go anywhere. reports also say, as these guys were wrestling this dirtbag down to the ground, the girlfriend was tweeting for them to leet him go. >> sure. >> these guys holding the guy, on the ground waiting for the sheriff's department to show up. they eventually do, get him in cuffs, lead him out of there. this 21-year-old could be facing misdemeanor or felony assault. >> she needs to get some help. it's a classic case of domestic violence. she needs to get away and
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understand this is not okay. high wins causing all kinds of problems in the uk. check out the surveillance footage. this is a building, the talbot center. pay close attention to how trees are swaying and look directly behind those trees. >> oh, that's the roof. >> oh, wow! >> it's on top of the red car the wind picked up the roof and blew it into the parking lot, damaging four cars in total. >> oh my gosh. >> you have video? >> yeah. >> winds incredibly strong in ireland. reports say hurricane force winds, 70 to 80 miles per hour, you have a couple in a car, the woman behind the camera is rachel heinz, happened to have the camera rollinging. >> oh [ bleep ], get it on video! >> [ bleep ]! >> oh! >> you can see do enormous tree across the road, and bare lid
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missed that car. the car that was going right underneath it. >> no, no. >> go [ bleep ]. get it on video. >> [ bleep ]. >> luckily the car coming the other direction gave a flash of its lights warning the tree looked like it was about to come down so these folks stopped in time to miss it. the couple in the car, they were smart. after they saw this, we need to go home. >> go back that way. >> get off the road. and they do, they go back that way. brand-new week, we have a brand-new ipad mini to give away. >> we'll be doing that in a little while, we'll give you the monday buzzword to tell you how to enter and win. >> you have to be 18 and a u.s. resident to enter. >> the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> trying to change a flat tire on the side of the road, always dangerous, especially dangerous on a snowy road. look out up ahead. you'll see the car right in front of us. >> oh no. >> goodness. >> i a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. guy trying to change the tire. guy in front of us, sliding.
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>> no. >> you're kidding! barely missed him! >> watch it again, look how close that was to being pure disaster. >> oh my gosh. >> the guy changing the tire, i don't think noticed. >> you can see the tire marks look how close it is to the guy. >> there's your gauge right there. >> this isn't over. the guy spinning out of control saves it. >> saves it. totally saves it. pulls off to the side of the road, probably to change his underwear. >> or catch his breath. you forget to breathe the whole time you're spinning around there. >> that guy holding his breath, so were the rally race drivers speeding through a country road. get out of control. >> [ bleep ]! >> oh, no. >> they splash down in a creek. it's quite deep. these guys begin to panic. able to translate, one says, i can't swim. >> oh, no. >> right. they are doing everything they can to get out of the car, shut things down. look down in the wheel well right there, you can start to see water, and it's coming in
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quick-bv the quick-before these guys able to get out, the passenger up to his waist. first trying to open the door, it won't open. once the water pressure equalizes here, he is able to muscle that door open. he gets out. looks like the driver scoots out the window and both get up on top of the car. >> amazing. >> look at that thing. now it's completely filled up. >> crazy. >> it was cold, too. water was very, very cold. >> oh, man. a pit crew pulls a quick fix for a bicyclist in a race. >> eight seconds, boom, bang, done, off goes chris jones. but now there's a problem. >> how this becomes a dangerous maneuver to get back with the pack. and -- why this cat is not a fan of the white fluff.
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paragliding is a fun sport. one of best thing about it, the bird's-eye view. the scenery, this guy's flying along the coastline, one of best places to fly if you're a paraglideer. a great view of guys down there doing a bit of jet skiing, pulling stunts. but also gets an eyeful of something else. swimmers, surfers, and what's that? >> oh snap, a big old turtle. >> nope. >> shark? is it a shark? >> it is a shark, and not just one. he claims he saw seven sharks in the span of about 30 minutes.
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he believes one was about 12 feet long. he was judging that because he measured it against a surfboard. >> how close those people are on the beach, they have no idea. >> does he scream there are sharks in the water? >> he did, they did have an idea about the sharks because, yes, he did alert the surfers. he told the lifeguards about the sharks that he saw down there and everybody was able to get out of the water safely. >> makes you think they should have a lifeguard on beaches above like this all the time, kind of cruising above the water to see if there are sharks out there so you can tell people to go back in. >> humans aren't shark food, we're not o t top of their list fo mind. put this in perspective. we don't want to vilify sharks too bad. i'm pretty sure after seeing these videos you'll agree with me that weather is the worst thing that can happen to a pet's ego. >> this is old but with all of
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the snow in the country, it's worth showing. kitty in the back, see that? >> oh, gee. >> he's stuck and he's struggling to get back inside. >> like up to her ears. >> you can hear it, meowing. >> in russian. >> after working its way around the corner, through the snow, finally the camera pans over we see kitty cat working its way over. look as the cat tries to get closer to the window. it's up to its neck. >> you know cats aren't into this type of thing at all. >> no. >> it's a dog's activity. >> looks slik like she has to w >> the expression indag nant. finally makes it over, picks it up. >> you've got to be kidding me with the snow, you couldn't come pick me up. >> your cat russian is really good. >> i've been studying. >> tucker, a boston terrier.
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>> isn't that sweet? teeth are chattering. >> so cold. >> get him a sweater. >> he ended up going outside and it was 4 degrees out. he got really, really cold. him this is him back inside trying to warm up. >> it's monday and that means ebaum's world. >> the show where we can either get real or you can get the fake out of here. >> is the snow shoveling a setup? >> no, no, no way. >> and is this the coolest unknown way to pop a bottle? we put it to the test. real or fake, next. >> what? >> and another chance to win ain't ipad mini the buzzword you need is next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- t realallyly put a damper on a lot of things. constant itching and scratching. nenew w gogoldld b bonond relief cream, rerelilieveveses 5 5 s symympt. gogoldld b bonond d rereala. introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. >> ready for our favorite monday
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tradition snshg che tradition? check in with mac dreidel. real or fake? welcome back. >> good to be back. get real or get the fake oust here. >> yeah. >> no you didn't. >> i like that. >> some of the videos, here's the first one. >> oh. >> something moving under the cape. >> no. >> you know, it's fake. fake. >> fake. >> yeah. >> totally fake. >> totally fake, balk the barber's reaction was so bad. what are you doing. >> but it's funny bad fake. >> real or funny bad afake? real or fake. >> five fakes. mac? >> a good joke, but the barber reaction was no good. we can get the fake out of here with that clip. >> video number two.
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♪ >> no. no, no, no, no. no way. >> no way. >> he keeps doing it. >> keeps doing it. >> i say real. >> i think he figured if he puts enough snow in, it would stick. >> i am going fake. it could have been set up. >> fake. >> i think it's real. >> really? >> i think he's trying to prove it doesn't work. >> boys against girls. mac? >> i'm going to say real also. this guy working now, they told him to shovel snow, he's taking his sweet time. >> milking it. >> last video. >> i have no idea how to works but it does. refrigerator magnet, quarter, beer. take the quarter, tap right on the neck. >> what >> . >> nope. >> you have the little mist that he edited in was digital looking.
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>> i have everything required for this test right here. >> he's going to do it. >> so we've got here, our magnet, and then we've got our beer. >> oh. >> cap is on there. i'm going to transport to a new location quickly. don't get stressed out. >> okay. >> i'm stressed. [ laughter ] >> i thought we were telecording. >> anybody think it's real? >> i think it's fake. >> if this work, i'm going to flip out. >> got to get it just right. >> yeah. >> i think there's another trick to this. >> yeah. >> what? >> goodness. >> cheers, brother. >> yeah. >> nice. >> good stuff. >> sent us a case of that ebaum's brew. cycling much more of a team sport than you may realize. take a look at this video from the united health care pro cycling team. tour of cutter. chris jones has gotten a flat.
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what do you do? if you're in a race you need help. the mechanic jumps out, pulls the wheel off, replaces it with a new one, eight seconds, boom, bang, done, off goes chris jones. there's a problem. chris jones is stuck in this convoy of team trucks. it's not safe for him to be among all of the cars. his team truck needs to get chris jones back up to speed and back up with the rest of the bunch. you'll see the team truck work its way through all of the traffic. jones drafting behind other truck right there. sees his team truck, hitches a quick little ride right there. >> that is legal? >> i don't know. >> i imagine if it's for safety sake, i would think so. >> he's so far behind now i don't think it's going to matter if he got that little boost. >> chris picking his way through traffic. >> who knew they had reserved bikes and tires following behind them? >> i didn't. i never watch the stuff. neat to see the behind the
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scenes of how this goes down. >> chris gets a fresh bottle of water. puts it on his back. >> cool off. >> good as new. starting off the week by giving away an ipad mini. >> remember, you've got to be 18, a u.s. resident and you have to have the monday buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page. using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on facebook, tap on the mobile link. >> let's reveal monday's buzzword. it is birthday. >> get on over to, click on that win an ipad mini butten. enter the monday's buzzword, that's birthday. for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> if you don't win one today, we're giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. she was trying to pull a prank on her boyfriend but it goes -- >> horribly, unbelievably, terribly wrong. >> the surprise that makes her joke backfire big time.
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this looks like a creature from another planet but it's not. it's a penguin, the scaly anteater. this thing has found. >> a pudle. >> what happens on its back? >> a transmitter. >> it is a transmitter. this wandered away once. they're like, maybe we need to put something on him. >> this is really amazing. that's a dinosaur right there. >> looks prehistoric. >> when you think of anteater you don't think of something that looks like this. >> also looks indestructible. like it should have no known enemies because that looks like battle armor. >> the scales are keratin, the same in our fingernails and when they're born it's soft but as they get older they harden. looks like he's got artichoke on him. >> fascinating looking animal. >> it's so weird, and the
3:56 pm
transmitter makes him look -- >> in the mud, after all of the years of being able to evolve, i want to mud puddle, y'all. >> puppy plays landscaper. ♪ ♪ >> you guys are about to see a prank go down in flame, explode, go horribly, unbelieve by, terribly wrong. >> yeah. >> this is yousef who runs it. he got a message from a longtime viewer that said i want you to prank my boyfriend on valentine's day. only been going out three weeks. this is the girl. the boyfriend with the face blurred. they're having a nice lunch here. looks lovely. yousef makes his appearance. >> your request. >> for the lucky lady. wish you the best of luck. have a good one.
3:57 pm
i wouldn't let him go. >> i won't. >> pops down a gift for the girl. he's like, listen, i got you. meaning he got his girl a gift. dude's like, perfect? he's thinking i don't need to get her. >> this is cute. what is this? >> a gift for valentine's day. >> he plays along. >> now you're thinking, great. what's in the box? >> it's -- it's -- >> it's a ring with a heart that says, will you marry me. >> it's sweet. i'm not -- it only been three weeks, i'm not -- >> the girl's in on it but this is where it starts to go down in flames. >> a big commitment. >> playing a joke. >> this isn't your gift? >> no. it's not. i was trying to take -- >> i'm getting the sweats here. >> this is not from me. we've been dating for three weeks. >> three, two, one. >> what? >> seeing other people? >> that's a surprise to her.
3:58 pm
>> i'm -- mom, i'm done. >> her mom's here. >> seeing other people? there's -- we're doing a prank on you, a camera there. >> yousef comes out trying to explain. >> let me explain. she set this up for valentine's. >> i knew. >> just going down in complete utter flames. >> you want me to catch him? >> no, i don't want to talk to him. >> this went really right. she found out early what this guy was really made of. >> that's it for our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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